Hamlet cover with picture of the character at Bottom

Hamlet is one of the most powerful of Shakespearean tragedies famed for its catch line “to be or not to be’ part of the popular speech of this play. This Shakespeare play is a classic tale of betrayal, murder and revenge. Prince Hamlet of Denmark is incited by ghostly apparitions of his father who wants revenge against his murderer Claudius. Claudius also his brother seizes both the throne and marries his brother’s wife Gertrude.

The prince’s initial plot to kill Claudius fails with him killing his sweetheart Ophelia’s father instead. When prince is sent to England by Claudius, he chances upon Ophelia’s funeral instead. While Gertrude is killed by drinking poison meant for the prince, Claudius incites a duel between prince and Laertes Ophelia’s brother. Both the men are fatally wounded, but hamlet kills Claudius before succumbing to his injuries.